CCTV Services

CCTV Security System Installation and monitoring

Need a reliable measure of security for your property? Whether you need to protect your business or your home, talk to our expert CCTV team here at Defend International, serving Nuneaton, Coventry and beyond.
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CCTV Systems 

When you choose Defend International to supply and install your CCTV system, we provide a complete and comprehensive service.

We'll assess your property and its needs to determine the most effective system for you, and then we'll supply and install the system swiftly giving you instant piece of mind.

As well as being a way to keep an eye on any and all the surroundings of the buildings exterior, but it also proves to be an exceptionally effective deterrent. Spotting a CCTV camera or being caught in a spot light would be enough to be any would-be intruder off. 
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Reliable maintenance and repairs

Not only can we provide with a personalised consultation and reliable installation of your CCTV system, but we can also provide an on-going maintenance service to ensure reliable functionality, keeping you and your property safe.

Also, if needed we provide swift and reliable repair services for all of our systems across the country. In the unlikely event of a mechanical fault, our expert operatives are only a phone call away at all times. 

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