Alarm Response and Key Holding

DI Security – Alarm Response & Key Holding

Upon activation of your intruder alarm, we will immediately dispatch one of our mobile patrol officers who will conduct a full search of your property and take appropriate action.

We will also organise everything to ensure you can carry on operating the business or living in your home as usual providing you effective alarm response.

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Community Response Officer

We handle all of the security concerns for the community so that the community does not have to lift a finger. From emergency response to education, we make it easy for homeowners to live safely in their homes and know that we are standing at the gate keeping the community safe.


Vehicle Patrols

When we check that cars in the right places, we are ensuring that the streets are safe to drive on, but we are also ensuring that all of our residents are safe. We make sure to check on every home where something seems to be suspicious, and we also check on homeowners who have their garages open or their front doors open. We simply want to make sure that every resident is safe and feels safe.


CCTV Monitoring

We will monitor your CCTV for you when required or on a permanent basis.

Our Security response officer will conduct checks on suspicious activity or alarm.We can monitor anything, but our core services – those that we are
famous for, are the dispatching of intruder and fire alarms to the police and fire services.


Holiday Property Check

If your are already a client with DI Security you can Book a holiday property check.

Our Security response officer will conduct regular checks of your property while your away so you can really relax.


Emergency Response

When there are emergencies in the neighborhood, we make sure to provide information to the authorities who are sending help. We will run to a run that has an ambulance coming, and we will also check homes where a fire has broken out. We are committed tot he safety of all of the people in the community, and we do not wait for the authorities to arrive. We jump into action as soon as we possibly can.