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DI Security Brochure 2018

DI Security Company operating all over the UK and Overseas, with our head office in Coventry, West Midlands. Our management team have vast experience in the security industry, Security Officers & Event Security. Defend International Security Guarding provides a service that exceeds expectations, patrolling premises during out of office hours as well as Front of House access control by uniformed Security Guard with highly visible front of house uniformed manned security presence.

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Our Essential Guide to Personal Security

The most serious obstacles to personal safety is Lack of Situational Awareness, Complacency and fatalism. “It won’t happen to me” and “if it’s going to happen, It’s going to happen” is dangerous thinking.

Recent incidents and events in today’s society have changed the way we think about our own security but not necessarily dimin-ished the threats we face. Today, the most prevalent threat we all face no matter where we are is crime. A criminal attack against you or your family can take place and

anywhere at any time, as can a fire or other disaster. However, you can influence what happens to you by assuming more responsibility for your own security and maintaining a reasonable level of situational awareness.

The information in this booklet is general and is only meant as a guide. Meaning does Not apply to everyone and can be depending on personal circumstance. For more specific information be sure to speak to a local Security Consultants or local authorities.