A properly trained and fully licensed security professional can provide safety and support to your small business or special event, just might save the day. The front-end investment of event security provides the peace of mind you need to relax and enjoy your event, while small business security can deter crime and shoplifting. here are some reasons it’s wise to hire security.

Perks for Your Business
A security guard at your business might make you think about bank robbers and jewelry thefts in the movies but this is very unlikely and the mere presence of a uniformed security guard will provide safety in itself. Here are the ways it will benefit your small business:

  • Less stress for you as the owner—when someone has your financial and physical back, you can focus on running your company
  • Shoplifting, crime, and employee theft take a nosedive with an on-site security presence
  • Someone will actually be watching your security cameras, stopping trouble as it starts
  • By investing in your employee safety, you boost morale and dedication
  • Trained guards take witness statements and collect evidence in case of a crime or accident
  • Escort employees and customers after dark

Perks for your Special Event

From private parties to corporate affairs, a security guard adds a stabilising presence to any event. Hire them as crowd control for large neighborhood gatherings, to ensure safety at a prom party, or to manage the front door if you’re hosting a concert. Many venues now require a security guard if alcohol is being served, so check the agreement. If you’re shy about a uniform, request they dress in plainclothes to match the occasion. They’ll be there if you need them, but no one else will notice. Here are the ways a security guard will safeguard your special event:

  • Monitor guest list, ensuring you’re not put in the awkward position asking someone to leave
  • Handle crowd control if it’s a large event such as a concert
  • Meet venue requirements if alcohol is being served
  • Deter rowdy behavior
  • Keep guests safe
  • Escort guests to cars and transportation after dark
  • Deter crime or theft
  • Have a professional on hand in case of accident or crime
  • Keep cars safe by avoiding car park break-ins