Residential Security Services

DI Security – Residential Security Team (RST)

Our professional Residential Security Teams can form an integral part of our Close Protection service, or can be provided to complement your existing detail, either way we offer reassurance for our principles about the safety of themselves, their family, assets and property.

Whether you require a residential security team whilst on holiday, away on business or on a permanent basis, We will provide you with the solutions to make you and your family feel safe and secure.

Protection For Your Family, Your Business and You.

With the ever-increasing level of violence used in crimes such as robbery, racist intimidation and terrorism many individuals no longer feel safe within the confines of their home or workplace.

Inquest can provide individuals or dedicated security teams for the protection of clients and their families at various locations, such as Family residences, Corporate offices and Hotel accommodation whilst travelling – ensuring wherever you are, whatever the risks, you welfare is in safe hands.

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