Organisers are responsible for security arrangements and the safety of those attending their events. The following general advice has been prepared by the DI Security for organisers and/or promoters of events, to help them when considering security requirements. More detailed advice can be obtained from your DI Security Representatives.

Safety and Welfare of People

The Safety and Welfare of People is the most important factor to consider when arranging security for events.

Access control during the event load in and out periods – All entry points should be manned to ensure no unauthorised personnel are accessing the show area. This requirement is not only to protect goods but to ensure unauthorised personnel are not put at risk or injured whilst entering the show area.  Cost of security cover can be minimised by working with the venue to reduce the number of doors that need to be open for loading in. These doors should be manned by SIA Licensed Security Guards or Door Supervisors. Stewards can only be us ed to marshal vehicles / direct people to an appropriate entrance, they cannot legally carry out a Security Function.

Bag Search and Visitor Profiling – Some organisers and/or promoters are reluctant to pay for this because it is often seen as an additional cost, however the consequences of not providing carrying out these functions can be costly, should anything go wrong. Even though this may be considered an additional cost, it does not always have to be. This is because under the Private Security Industry Act (PSIA) of 2001, only SIA Licensed Door Supervisors can be used at any pedestrian entry points to monitor and control movement of people. Their SIA License allows them to carry out a security function within licensed premises. Only Licensed Door Supervisors can check for suitability for entry, challenge and/or stop people from entering the licensed event. Stewards and/or event representatives are not licensed to carry out this activity. On small events it may be possible for these Door Supervisors to control entry and be used for bag search and audience profiling.

Containment and/or Evacuation of People during any Emergency Situation – There should always be enough security and stewarding personnel available to contain, evacuate, direct and assemble people in the event of any emergency. Again, cost of cover for these roles can be reduce d by using stewards instead of security, who are briefed on their actions in the event of any emergency. The SIA regulations are clear however, stewards cannot carry out any security function as defined by the PSIA. It is important you seek specialist advice concerning the use of stewards.


Security of Goods and/or Property

Security of property and goods is also an important factor and primary reason for employing security personnel at any event, but once again the cost of this deployment could be reduced if the organiser and/or promoters considered the following:

What needs to be secured?  It is the first day of build and no exhibits have been brought into the hall, do you need overnight cover?

You only have a small contractor workforce working in the hall and no high value exhibits; do you need to man every exit? Only open the doors you need to open to load in or out the show and any fire exits that must be open, remember the more doors you open the more security personnel you will require.

Are SIA Door Supervisors necessary on events?  Legally the only security staff you can use on an open period of an event are SIA Licensed Door Supervisors. You can use stewards to direct visitors, tear tickets, assist in emergency situations etc, but the word ‘security’ cannot be part of their title nor can any security function be shown in their job description. They legally cannot carry out any security function defined in the PSIA. Please seek specialist advice from DI Security Representative.

Can only security or stewards work when the hall is closed i.e. overnight? You can use SIA Security Guards to cover overnight or during event load in / load outs and stewards can be used in a directional, emergency resource capacity but the word ‘security’ cannot be part of their title nor can any security functions be shown in their job description. They cannot carry out any security function as defined in the PSIA. Please seek specialist advice from your DI Representative.

Security at your events can also be improved if you:

Educate your exhibitors. Exhibitors need to be aware that security of their stands and property is their responsibility. As is insurance. Recommend the use of night sheets or static guards. Secure stores need to be secure, not “one key fits all”. Valuable items must be removed or secured. Valuable may not be just in monetary terms. Remind exhibitors of the importance of safeguarding cash and cash boxes. Those intent on theft will be watching and looking for an opportunity to distract.

Consider the implications of the following: Allowing carpet fitters and contractors into the halls in the early hours, when security manning is minimal, and exhibitors are not present increases the security risks. You may have to consider engaging additional security staff. Other events such as exhibitor parties, if held within the exhibition hall, also present increased risks. Such events will also need to be taken into consideration when agreeing the security manning levels