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What Could Go Wrong At Your Wedding?

Security might be the last thing on your long list of things to organise for your wedding or special party but take it from us here at we’ve soon come to realise that this is in fact an aspect of your big day you can’t be without. All it takes is one unwelcome guest or one alcohol fuelled brawl to ruin the day you’ve put so much effort into ensuring is perfect.

Some more examples of things that you might need to think about:


Nine out of ten mothers (an unverified statistic) believe that they, and they only, know how their children should celebrate their marriage. They’ve planned the horse-drawn carriage and the perfect cake and their children absolutely hate it all. The truth is, mums, is that your children aren’t having “a wedding” or any old wedding or even your wedding. Our tip is to have one of our wedding security available to convince them that you need a little time alone and give you a little space on your day.


You can’t stop the rain, but the rain won’t stop you. If you’re a smart cookie you’ve planned or even booked a wet weather option that is comparable to your outdoors ceremony venue. But if you’re not that well planned, don’t stress, it’s only a wedding, not open heart surgery and a little bit of rain never hurt anybody. Our tip is to have one of our smartly dressed wedding security operatives to hand with a umbrella or two


Little humans are popular at weddings. We love to give them chores like carrying the flower petals and diamond rings and our wedding photos are better for it. That said, not all children like to walk where we’d like them to walk or do what we’d like them to do. Things like running around during the ceremony, screaming, having a little pre-taste of the wedding cake or food and little accidents or injuries. Our tip is to have one of our first aid trained wedding security operatives to hand to control, guide and repair those little angels.


So many people put drunkenness at wedding receptions down to serving alcohol and food liberally, or too liberally, and although that’s a contributing factor, let me throw you a side hook and say you’re probably inviting the wrong people to your intimate celebration of your marriage if they’re going to be your definition of a fool in a few hours. You can choose your friends but you can't choose your family so sometimes not inviting them is not a option. Our tip would be to have our conflict management and physical intervention trained security who will be able to deal with issues quietly and discretely so as not to embarrass anyone.


Photo bombing is not something that should be encouraged at a wedding, family and guests that just won't put their mobile away or move into position for that all important family photo, romantic photo and video footage. Our tip would be to have our trained security to control the crowd and inform guests of where they need to be when.


All of the wedding presents that you family and guest have kindly bought for you need to be looked after as not everyone you know are completely honest and unfortunately those precious shiny items may develop legs and go missing Our tip would be to have our trained security place them in a secure location once you have received them or maintain a watch on them until you wish to collect them.

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