Out of the 371,266 licences issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), 15,000 belong to EU nationals. These security licensed employees are part of the contingent of 3.5 million EU nationals living in the UK whose future after Brexit is uncertain. Now Brexit Day is upon us Britain prepares to leave the European Union tonight at 11pm, it is difficult to predict how it will impact on migration from the EU to the UK but this will certainly be effected over the next year. However, it is clear that the free movement of people will end, or at the very least be restricted, seriously affecting core numbers of workers on which the security sector relies.


Security companies may therefore find it more challenging to recruit after Brexit. In addition to this, there may be a economic shortfall following our leave from the EU is likely to result in a rise in crime due to the link between a country’s poor economy and a rise in crime, which is particularly marked during a recession. Economists have commented that there is a 25% chance of a recession following Brexit, which could lead to more crime and therefore a higher demand for security services and a greater need for security services that we at DI Security provide.


There is indeed a link between the poverty of a nation and its rates of crime, then we can forecast that Brexit will see an increased need for security company services at the same time as a reduction in the numbers of security employed people coming over from Europe.

The security industry may therefore be impacted from two directions: a rise in crime, and a reduction in licensed security guards. Although Brexit is likely to create in our industry, we at DI Security only hope that the people continue to look at the security industry as a viable career option and support the possible industry short falls that may be created.

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