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Close Protection

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With the rise in terrorist, criminal and specific threats, then our close protection service offers a high level of security to an individual and their family. Our close protection officers integrate their duties into the daily pattern of each client and in addition to ensuring a safe working and living environment, they also continually assess the situation and procedures in place. 
Corporate Protection 


Protection incorporating the safety and security of visiting VIP’s, exceutives celebrities, athletes and more to your business,  we will develop an executive security plan incorporating our Close Protection Officers into the clients itinerary for their visit.

First impressions last so we ensure a proffesional service to encourage potential business opportunities.



VIP Protection


Our VIP Protection incorporates protection of residences, family and work related travel.


In reality you don't need someone huge or visible to protect you, in fact it's often about being someone who can just blend into the background, someone who just looks like the rest of the group.


The need to blend in is most apparent in the corporate world and we pride ourselves in providing such a service.


Residential Protection


We can provide individuals or dedicated security teams for the protection of clients and their families at various locations, such as Family residences, Corporate offices and Hotel accommodation whilst travelling.


We will ensuring wherever you are, whatever the risks, your welfare is in safe hands.




Hostile Protection


The growth in the number of high net worth individuals over the last 20 years has certainly fuelled demand; in recent years when the size of their bonuses became public, City bankers have attracted the wrong kind of attention and many have felt the need to employ Close Protection for themselves and their family.
The threat of kidnapping or the kidnapping of their children is a reality, our close protection officers can be employed to do the school run as one of a multitude of skills covering everything from being organised and doing surveillance to even being a bit like a PA for your principal.




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