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Our Services

Security, Close Protection,Defend International, Private Investigation, Event Security,
All employees of Defend International are fully SIA licensed with additional qualifictions in first aid and have carried out an english speaking and listening assesment to ensure quality of service.
All are bound to a confidentiality agreement as part of the employment agreement. 

Close Protection


With the rise in terrorist, criminal and specific threats, then our close protection service offers a high level of security to an individual and their family.


Our close protection officers integrate their duties into the daily pattern of each client and in addition to ensuring a safe working and living environment, they also continually assess the situation and procedures in place.




Private Investigation and Surveillance

The worst thing is just not knowing, and that is where we come in. Fortunately, quite a few cases we are asked to examine prove that their partner is faithful and occasionally we’ve observed that their change in behaviour is due to a surprise they are organising for their partner! 

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Residential Protection


We can provide individuals or dedicated security teams for the protection of clients and their families at various locations, such as Family residences, Corporate offices and Hotel accommodation whilst travelling.


Whether you require a residential security team whilst on holiday, away on business or on a permanent basis, We will provide you with the solutions to make you and your family feel safe and secure.


Security Officers 



Defend International Security Guarding provides a service that exceeds expectations,  patrolling premises during out of office hours as well as Front of House access control by uniformed


Security Guard with highly visible front of house uniformed manned security presence.

VIP Transpotation


Where ever the trip destination may be our professional drivers will deliver seamlessly without the client having to worry about their itinerary or having the extra stress and wasted time of finding parking.


This is an economical, time saving and safe option to travel if you require that stress-free solution.





Event Security



Our Event Security Services ensure all employees are trained to the highest standards with a wealth of experience working at high profile venues equipping them with the necessary skills and customer satisfaction focus to ensure the clients event is successful.


Our clients and their guests should feel our employees have gone above and beyond their expectations to help them resolve any issues, queries or incidents.

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