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Key Holding and Alarm Response Services

DI Security provides security services to enhance safety as well as to assist in the prevention, deterrence, and detection of trespassing, vandalism and criminal activity at your property. Our patrol officers are highly trained, personnel who patrol property and If evidence of criminal activity, trespassing, vandalism, or simply anything out of the ordinary, our officers immediately notify local Police and client representatives.

Our services are customised to meet the unique needs of each client and can include randomly scheduled patrol service, regularly scheduled patrol service, response to emergency situations, temporary coverage, or scheduled services like monitoring equipment, providing escort services, or unlocking doors at specific times at your facility.
We are also available to respond to building alarms when notified by our dispatch center. After responding to the alarm, the patrol officers will notify Police and client representatives if we find evidence of criminal activity or vandalism at the property. Providing quick notification of security issues related to the alarm at your property while reducing frustration and costs associated with false alarms.
Key Holding 


Increasing number of businesses understand the risks associated with having their own employees as a keyholder. With this in mind, more companies are now opting to manage this risk by outsourcing their key holding to a professional security company.


As your keyholder, we will ensure your keys are secured on and reduce the time spent collecting keys from a central point.



Alarm Response

Upon activation of your intruder alarm, we will immediately dispatch one of our mobile patrol officers who will conduct a full search of your property and take appropriate action.


We will also organise everything to ensure you can carry on operating the business or living in your home as usual.

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