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DI Security Dogs and Handlers protecting high-risk or high-value sites, and offer the use guard dogs to do so. If you are considering having security guard dogs but have never have had dog handlers operate on your property before, you will naturally have questions regarding how we use them.
Why use security guard dogs? 


Our security guard dogs are trained to protect the handler, and allow our security officers to safely challenge an intruder, or multiple intruders, while the guard dog is protecting the handler. 


Our dog handlers also make use of the dogs superior sense of smell, and are trained to detect any person who might be hiding on your site and alert the handler, the dog handler can then challenge that person in safety.


The final key reason is the visual deterrent of a officer with a guard dog walking around your site. More often than not, the site is enough to put most criminals off.



Is the use of guard dogs legal?

Yes, we operate under the Guard Dogs Act 1975 which allows us to use dogs to guard your property provided that the dog is under control and that appropriate warning signs are up at site entrances.


We take the requirements of the Guard Dogs Act seriously, and will provide your site the appropriate warning signs up before sending a dog handler to work on your property. 

Will the dog bite? 




The short answer is yes if necessary, however our handlers will do everything they can to prevent that from happening.


The dogs are there to protect the handler, and if an intruder threatens the dog (or handler), the dog will defend itself. All our handlers will do whatever it takes to prevent anyone being bitten by their guard dog.




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