Harbour Security Services

Harbour Security Services

It is important that you take the security of your boat as seriously as you would the security of your own home. Thieves are attracted to all kinds of things on your boat. They could take your outboard motor, your life raft or your expensive marine equipment. They’ll also steal anything else that takes their fancy – your radio, tools, personal items and even the boat itself.

DI Security is proud to provide bespoke security guard services that are Highly visible, formidable & effective  for maritime locations across the UK. Our Staff are fully trained to deal with security issues and are able to  provide patrols the marinas at night or in the day, we are a way of giving your clients confidence that their boat and property will remain safe while at your location.

We understand the importance of protecting your business without causing any disruptions or distractions. That’s why as a company we work closely with you to fully understand your business needs, allowing our security guards to completely understand their roles and responsibilities before the assignment even begins.

We are able to provide security to operate over a 24 hour period, allowing constant protection of your business and premises.

We also supply security guards in the following sectors:

  • Retail

  • Reception & Concierge

  • Commercial and Industrial Premises

  • Corporate & Office Security

  • Distribution Centres and Warehouses

  • Hospitality and Leisure Facilities

  • Personal Property

  • Gatehouse

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