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Reasons To consider Having a Bodyguard (Close Protection Officer)

Why do you need a bodyguards/Close Protection Officers (CPO)?

With increasing rates of terrorism, crime and violence, people especially celebrities, corporate executives, and political office holders are getting more worries and less sleep. For this reason, personal and home security have become very important aspects for people’s safety and happiness.

A bodyguard or Close Protection Officer is a very smart measure if you want the peace mind that you have ensured your safety as well as that of your family. At work or at home close protection officers integrate their duties into your daily pattern of life:

Reasons To consider Having a Close Protection Officer

  • A Close Protection Officer can keep you and your family safe from physical harm

Close Protection Officers are well trained in safety tactics. In cases of emergency, they can use conflict management, self-defense, first aid, and weapon handling skills, depending on what the situation requires. So, if you face any harmful threat, pestering press or you sustain some serious injury, you will have someone on hand to help whatever the situation.

  • A Close Protection Officer knows when danger lies ahead

Close Protection Officer are trained to continually asses safe routes. They know which areas of your city you should stay clear of at various points in time, for various reasons including traffic and danger in order to keep you and your family safe from harm.

  • A Close Protection Officer can quickly tell people’s motives

Most of the time, we don’t know what strangers have in mind. They may be criminals or just opportunists who want to swindle us. They may have been sent by real criminals to inspect your vulnerabilities and they may have other ulterior motives. Close Protection Officers are trained to understand people’s psychologies and predict what they are likely to do enabling them to protect you from covert enemies.

  • A Close Protection Officer does more than protect

Other than protect you from danger, they can also drive and run special errands. In short, they are versatile and you will get much more than personal and home protection.

  • A Close Protection Officer checks for vulnerabilities

Burglars break into houses successfully because house owners don’t adopt adequate security measures to repel burglars, he or she will notice any vulnerability in your home or office and will warn you of the dangers of such vulnerabilities.

  • A Close Protection Officer can be your spy

If you are being sceptical over going to a place to getting closer to an object, you can tell your CPO to assess the place or object for safety. They know what signs to watch out for that indicate impending danger. They know how to curtail a looming danger to your life when he notices one. And yes, he’s smart enough to protect himself adequately. So, he won’t be putting his own life on the line while trying to protect yours.

  • A Close Protection Officer deter assailants

Most of the time, bodyguards are hefty-looking and well built because they engage in regular workouts and fitness training. Their huge frame sends fears down the spine of anyone who may intend to attack you and cause them to think twice. Also, some bodyguards wield weapons when the situation demands for this. Sighting a weapon alone is enough deterrent for an unarmed assailant.

In conclusion, if you have always shoved aside the idea of hiring a Close Protection Officer before now because you think you don’t need one or because you think you don’t have enough reasons to hire one, I am sure these that our free consultation can help you work out if it is the right option for you your family or business.


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